Cape Verde Fogo Coffee Spirit

Cape Verde Fogo Coffee Spirit

Technical Information

Region: Fogo
Varieties: Local Ancient
Certifications: Non-Certified
Altitude: 500 – 1500 masl.
Processes: Natural
Cupping score: 85

About: Fogo Coffee Spirit

In June 2011, Trabocca was awarded a grant from the Dutch government for the project ‘Reviving and upgrading Fogo coffee quality in Cape Verde’. This project is part of the PSI (Private Sector Investment Program) a subsidy program supporting innovative investment projects in developing countries. We believe in Cape Verde as an origin of high quality coffee. Fogo Island has a history of coffee production and the island has all the aspects necessary to produce specialty coffee.

During the last decades, the coffee production on the island has decreased rapidly and a lot of coffee trees have been replaced by other crops. It is our goal to increase the coffee production by pruning the existing coffee trees and planting new trees. The project was divided into several phases; the first phase has almost been completed, we have set up the joint venture, installed a Pinhalense eco-pulper and dry mill, built African drying beds and given training to farmers about pruning and quality control.