Colombia El Encanto

Colombia El Encanto

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El Encanto is a farm with altitudes from 1380 – 1600 masl in Bolivar in Antioquia. It’s about 18 hectares planted with coffee of different varieties. We are basically cupping every small lot of specialty that comes out of the farm and are able to select and curate the lots, based on process and cultivars.

This lot is a mix of Variedad Colombia, Castillo and Caturra from the higher altitudes. It’s a natural preparation where coffees are picked and sorted before the go directly in the cold dryer at 35 degrees for 70 hours.

Juan Saldarriaga is a young producer that took over the families farms in 2012 and started to plant several different and new cultivars . Everything from unusual Castillos, Caturras and Tabi’s to Bourbon, Geisha and SL28’s among others. So far it’s about figuring out how they all perform in the environment, and then increase production over time. Since we started to cooperate he have built different concepts of drying facilities, changed the processing and started to manage a few other farms in the area too. We are specially surprised by the effect the improved drying has on he’s coffees. He is drying a lot of our washed coffees under shade, and the naturals in a specially designed mechanical «cold dryer».


General info:

Location: Antioquia > Ciudad Bolivar

Origin type: Farm

VarietyColombia, Castillo, Caturra


Cup: Classic natural, mature berries, cocoa and florals.



El Encanto + La Claudina

Juan Saldarriaga is a medium sized producer that recently took over his families two farms. A couple of years ago he started a small project with other young growers in the region. The two farms he now owns are about 60 hectares each, in altitudes from 1400 to 1800 masl. He is experimenting with different cultivars in different altitudes, and many of them are recently planted. We met a few years ago, and what really encouraged us to work with him was the will to change, adapt and improve to meet the future demand on qualities. Antioquia is known for solid, but maybe slightly boring coffees, but there is a lot going on right now, and we think these coffees are proof of that.

The biggest challenge is the drying due to humidity and temperature. After we met Juan and started to talk about drying under shade, he immediately constructed drying facilities with raised bed under cover. He hasalso installed a machine that can dry with cold air and with a software where you can adjust temparature, airflow etc, and make profiles on different coffees.

Hes also working with friends and surrounding producers with Caturras and other cultivars up to 2000 masl. Many of them are young small farmers that are eager to proof that antioquia have more than chocolaty and heavy bodied coffees.

As for now we are experimenting a lot together to figure out what works for us and our market.