Ethiopia Kelloo Buku Sayisa #1

Ethiopia Kelloo Buku Sayisa #1


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Ethiopia

Регіон: Guji, Hambela, Wamena

Різновид: Wolisho, Dega

Висота вирощування: 2000 – 2550

Обробка: Washed

Про каву:

Buku Sayisa is a coffee that first caught our attention in 2019, in a big way! This year is no different. This lot expresses such amazing clarity, crisp bright fruit with layers of florals and complexity.

Buku Sayisa means blessed valley and is the name of the valley in which the site is situated. This area of Hambela Wamena is some of the highest altitudes for coffee growing, at 2350 masl. The farmers delivering cherry here deliver on horseback due to the uneven terrain around the site. We have seen a lot of development and investment at this station, putting in place protocols to ensure better drying and building a new dry mill in Hambela.

Origin: Buku Sayisa

430 small holder coffee producers in the Buku Sayisa Village.

This lot is from Buku, a district of Hambela Wamena in the broader Guji Zone. This coffee has been picked at maturity with the strict supervision from the farmer Mr.Esayas Beriso. The farm supplies to SNAP coffee exporters.

Buku is one of the highest elevated coffee growing areas in Ethiopia with an altitude of 2,350 meters above sea level. The farm plots are scattered and the terrain is uneven, so farmers deliver cherry on horseback.

This natural has unique and delicious characteristics of raspberry, lemonade, brown sugar, coconuts, melon and juicy body.