Guatemala Huehuetenango

Guatemala Huehuetenango


Про каву:​

Importer: CMG

Trader: Touton

Країна: Guatemala

Регіон: Huehuetenango

Мийна станція: 

Різновид: Caturra & Catuaí

Висота: 1 700

Обробка: Washed

Guatemalan coffee offers a whole range of cup profiles. This peculiarity has made the country its own and markets its coffee regions with great success. This includes Huehuetenango, the coffee region where the highest non-volcanic mountains in Central America can be found. At altitudes ranging from 1500 to 2000 masl, some of the finest coffee qualities of the country arise. In Guatemala, there are both small farmers and larger plantations. Most farmers have their own wet mill and sell their beans as parchment to exporters with their own dry mills.