Peru Cajamarca Selecto

#384 | Квіти | Какао | Карамель


In our continuous effort to find production areas which produce strictly high grown, high quality coffees to satisfy
the most demanding palates, we proudly present one of our specialty coffees.


Fact Sheet:

Altitude: 1500 – 1950 m.a.s.l.
Varieties: Typica, Castillo, Gran Colombia, Pache, Caturra, Catimor;
Process: Fully washed and sundried
Harvest method: manual picking
Harvest period: August to October
Shipping months: September to December
Preparation: Grade 1 with 15 defects
Cup Profile:
– Medium to good acidity
– Strong body
– Floral notes
– Cocoa and caramel
– Good balance and sweetness
– Medium to large beans
– usually 60% above scr 16
– Green with bluish uniformity



“Cajamarca” has 73,098 hectares under coffee production (17.18% of total 425,415 in Peru). It is recognized for having volcanic soils, the highest yield per hectare in the country, and one of the finest coffees to fit into top blends.

“Cajamarca Selecto” refers to top parchments purchased by COINCA directly from producers, cooperatives or primary collectors from our own buying branches, strategically located at strictly high-grown altitudes. These towns include: Churuyacu, San Ignacio, La Coipa, Chirinos, Palo Blanco, and Puerto Huaquillo.

To bring Cajamarca Selecto to our clients, we focus on:
– Identifying coffee zones (centros poblados) with excellent natural conditions for growing top quality coffees (soil, varieties, temperature variances, and best on-farm and post harvest practices are a priority on our selection).
– Possessing an experienced quality team of cuppers, who separate the best lots according to different attributes and who can perform blends, if required. Our quality team has traveled to calibrate with several clients.
– COINCA proposes different services to our suppliers, such as paying in full/cash (where there are no banks), adequate transport, as well as providing competitive prices for selected parchments in the altitudes.
-We are proud of working with some of the most experienced staff in the field, who come from coffee producing families themselves and can provide support to coffee producers and interchange know-how on ´best practices´.


Calle San Carlos 6317
Urb. Sta Luisa – 1era Etapa, S.M.P.
Lima 31 Peru