Costa Rica Jaguar


General Info:​


Trader: Volcafe Select

Origin: Costa Rica

Region: Tarrazú, San José

Altitude: 1600 – 1900 masl

Farmer: Smallholders

Farm size: 3 ha

Mill: Beneficio San Diego

Variety: Caturra & Catuai

Harvest: January – March


Jaguar Yellow Honey could be considered like the quintessence of green coffee: sustainable, innovative and charitable.

Jaguar Yellow Honey comes from Tarrazú, known as Costa Rica’s coffee nursery, from where pioneers started exporting Costa-rican coffee to the world. For Jaguar Yellow Honey, we work exclusively with Volcafe Way farmers. Through focused field and business training, the Volcafe Way program aims at empowering the farmers to continuously produce the best sustainable quality of coffee considering the improvements in social, environmental, economic and agricultural practices. Through Volcafe Way, farmers improve their profitability and eventually their and their family’s quality of life.

Produced in Beneficio San Diego, the most modern and one of the top 3 largest mills in Costa Rica, Jaguar Yellow Honey is, as mentioned in its name, a Yellow Honey coffee. In comparison with other processings, the water usage of Yellow Honey is very low. Due to a shorter fermentation period, the coffee acquires an acidity halfway between natural and washed coffees. Farmers produce coffees with some of the unique characteristics of natural processed coffee in less time and with lower risks of unexpected effects such as over-fermentation. In the Yellow Honey process, the cherry skin is completely removed and only the mucilage is left on the parchment. A Yellow Honey coffee bean has a lighter, more yellow honey color.

Jaguars are an important but endangered species in the ecosystem. They are a so called “umbrella specie”: its conservation ensures the protection of a large number of other species. Jaguars need a lot of space to live and migrate across Central and South America. Their migration is the source of their reprodution. Due to human developments, the migration routes of the jaguars have been severly disrupted. In addition, illegal hunting and deforestation have accelerated the redution of the jaguar population in Costa Rica.

Jaguar Yellow Honey helps protecting Jaguars: for every quintal of Jaguar Yellow Honey, Volcafe Select donates $1 to the Jaguar Conservation Program.