Colombia Café Salgar

#476 Коричневий цукор | Карамель | Шоколад | Середнє тіло | Середньо-низька кислотність


General info

Origin: Colombia

Region: Salgar, Antioquia

Process: Washed

VarietyColombia, Castillo

Altitude: 1500+ masl



Salgar is located at the end of a long and steep road through an narrow canyon in the southeast of Antioquia. A few years ago, a small hamlet belonging to the municipality os Salgar was hit by a freak flash flood killing more than a hundred of its 400 inhabitants. This disaster, that hit many of the coffee families we work with, was a traumatising experience for the whole region, emphasising the fragility of life high in the mountians. The Coffee Quest and several of their customers have donated over €1000 to the victims to help them with the most urgent necessities right after the disaster. But the resilient mountain families have bounced back and have continued producing some great coffees.

For the Coffee Quest it remains important to work with these farmers to make sure their life, producing great coffees, can continue and will improve.

Café Salgar is our balanced standard coffee for a friendly price. We have been working with farmers from the small town of Salgar already for many years. Bringing to Europe many great micro-lots. But the blend of all these farmers produces a wonderful all-round coffee with traditional notes of brown sugar, chocolate and a medium body and medium low acidity.