Colombia Buesaco de Altura

Colombia Buesaco de Altura

#369 | Марципан | Темний шоколад | Ягоди

Technical info

Country: Colombia

Region:  Buesaco, Narino

Altitude:  1900 m

VarietyCaturra, Typica, Castillo

Process:  Washed

Harvest period:  June to December



The town of Buesaco is located in the middle of the Juanambú Canyon, a mythical place with a unique topography and a complex but important history for our country. In a small bridge that is still preserved, Antonio Nariño led one of the most momentous battles of independence and his victory allowed Simón Bolívar to continue his campaign to the south. Although almost two centuries later this region suffered the hardest attacks from guerrillas and paramilitaries, today their special coffees are helping to turn the page and build a better future. The considerable height of its coffee plantations, its dedicated farmers, the millenary soils of volcanic ash and the abundance of the Caturra tree variety, produce coffees with elegant profiles, subtle fruity notes and floral and molasses touches.