Colombia Flor Maria Lopez Tafur 

Colombia Flor Maria Lopez Tafur 


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Colombia

Регіон: Ibague, Tolima

Метод обробки:Fully washed – 24 hours of cherry rest and 24 of fermentation Natural process

Метод сушіння:Raised beds

Різновид: Colombia, Castillo, Geisha

Висота вирощування: 1,800 MASL

Збір врожаю: First semester: April – July
Second semester: October –


Про каву:

For Flor Maria Lopez, coffee production is culture and tradition. She comes from a coffee growing family and come has always been her vocation and lifetime passion. She has been producing coffee with her husband for over 45 years but purchased Finca La Milagrosa in 2006. Coffee has been not only the main economic activity for the Monroy-Lopez family, but this passion is now moving on to the next generation. Their eldest son Milton inherited this passion and is now an enthusiastic coffee producer, keen to innovate, who besides having his own farm, still helps his parents on the farm activities, always aiming towards improving the quality of their coffee. “My older son, Milton, is my right hand on the farm. He is our fellow advisor, the one who help us produce better coffee harvest after harvest,” says Flor.
“For me, doing things well, with high standards has always been a priority in everything I do. To produce specialty coffee you need dedication, patience, and lots of eorts, but it’s worth it. Our life has changed in a good way because we are much more profitable now, we feel happy and proud.” says Flor, “I’m blessed to have a productive farm and it’s great to see the rest of a complete family bearing fruit.” Flor Maria owns a house in the city of Ibague and now that she’s reaching an older age, she’s spending more time in Ibague.