Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Congo

Регіон: Rutshuru, North Kivu, Eastern Congo

Різновид: Blue Mountain

Висота вирощування: 1230 masl

Обробка: washed

Про каву:

This coffee originates from the Rutshuru area in eastern Congo. This area is known for its mountainous area that offers a home for some of the last mountain gorillas in the world. The volcanic soils are rich in minerals and are ideal for growing coffee. Very remarkable are the different volcanos in the area that are still very active. The latest eruption dates back to end of May this year, when the Mount Nyiragongo erupted, and the lava reach the city of Goma and destroyed the home to thousands of families.

During the 1990’s this area was disrupted by civil unrests when militant groups were fighting for control over territory. Today, the situation has improved, and a lot of farmers are coming back to farming coffee. Coffee has offered employment to many people and families after the long years of unrests.

This lot of coffee from the Rutshuru area shows what potential lies in that area and we hope to see improvements in future as we will continue to source coffee from this area.