Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Costa Rica

Регіон: West Valley

Ферма: Finca el Mirador

Грунт: Volcanic soil

Різновид: Villa Sarchí

Висота вирощування: 1300 masl

Спосіб збору врожаю: Picking

Період збору врожаю: Nov. – Feb.

Обробка: Natural

Фермер: Olman Alguilera Chaves

Про каву:

While growing up around the farm and helping his father, who bought the land with all his savings, it was clear to Olman Alguilera Chaves that he wanted to continue with his father’s legacy. Olman mainly grows the varieties Sarchimor, Caturra, and Villa Sarchí at Finca el Mirador. The oldest trees on his farm are around 45 years old and have consistently high productivity. He works closely with La Eva Mill, where his cherries are further processed. El Mirador is called “view point” due to its privileged location and beautiful sight. The town Lourdes de Naranjo is part of the West Valley that lies below some of the country’s central volcanoes.