El Salvador Las Isabellas

El Salvador Las Isabellas


Про каву:​

Importer: CMG

Trader: Falcon Coffees

Країна: Salvador

Регіон: Apaneca

Різновид: Pacamara

Висота: 1 200 – 1 430

Обробка: Natural

Las Isabellas farm is located in the western region of El Salvador, at between 1,200 and 1,430 meters above sea level on the south face of “Cerrón Grande”in Apaneca . The farm is situated over 525 acres of shade-grown coffee, with also 200 acres of primary forest, natural springs and waterfalls that provide a unique micro climate and bio-diversity for coffee growing. This average yield on the farm is Las Isabellas is a farm with a strong emphasis on care for the natural environment, safe working conditions and significant community involvement. Programs include medical days, school materials and social responsibility seminars.The Farm has three main varieties under cultivation mainly – Bourbon, Pacas and Pacamara.On the farm currently the yield of green coffee per Ha is at 9.92 quintales (1 quintales = 100lbs) which is double the average yield of El Salvador. This shows the careful attention to farm management and the environment is working to help the farms recover post the “La Roya” crisis. All processing of the coffees from the farm happen at the wet mill named “Tequendama” .This pacamara coffee comes from 20 Ha that is planted on the farm. At the mill the coffee undergoes traditional milling and fermentation process when the ripe cherry has been delivered to the mill. After this the coffee is then left to dry on raised beds for the next 15 – 20 days weather depending.