Ethiopia Dur Feres

General Info:​


Trader: The Coffee Quest

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Sidamo

Washing Station: Bombe

Variety: Heirloom

Altitude: 2000 – 2300 meters

Process: Natural


Ethiopian coffee, natural and organic certified! This lot comes as a result of the cooperation between The Coffee Quest and Catalyst Coffee, our direct partners in Ethiopia. Their task is to identify the most exquisite beans, and, further, assess the quality of the lots during the entire production and export process.

This lot has a special meaning to Michael, the man behind Catalyst Coffee. In 2016, Michael set out the goal to create an ethiopian blend of selected lots grades 1, 2 and 3, that would not only be traceable and organic certified, but would also consistently carry the distinguished profile of Harar Horse – a coffee brand that Michael grew up with, that carried intense notes of blueberry puree and chocolate nibs.

Dur Feres is a lot to be expected on the years to come, which not only offers a distinct flavor profile at a competitive price, but also assures the consistency necessary for roaster’s purchase plans to be effectively executed!

Bombe washing station is named after Bombe mountain, which is located south from the washing station. Given the organic certification of Bombe washing station, it became the centralized point for the processing of organically certified coffees. Several villages delivered their coffees to be processed in Bombe washing station, where they can be separately processed with standardized procedures – which guarantees the highest level of execution of post-harvest processing methods. Bombe washing station processes organically certified cherries from over 600 coffee producers from the region, and although the total volume capacity of the mill is of 2.5 million kilograms of cherries, the output is much lower, given the mill’s focus on micro-lots.

The water used to process these coffees comes from the nearby Bonara river and the coffees are dried on raised bamboo tables with mesh beds, for increased air flow. This natural processed lot is dried under shade (mesh), for a slower and more gentle drying. The Catalyst finds that this process enhances the fruit juiciness and sweetness of these coffees. The Dur Feres Natural lot originates from a number of different villages with the aim to combine similar flavor profiles in order to achieve a differentiated product. It is due to the arduous work from coffee farmers, the Bombe washing station crew, which includes Atkilt Dejene, Assefa Dukamo (idealizer and owner of Bombe washing station), Emily and Michael (Catalyst Coffee) that we are able to enjoy this exquisite lot!