Guatemala Antigua Pastoral

Guatemala Antigua Pastoral


Importer: CMG

Trader: Cafe Imports

Країна: Guatemala

Регіон: Antigua

Різновид: Bourbon and Typica

Висота: 1500 – 1600

Обробка: Natural

Про каву:

Guatemala is the Central American country responsible for some of the finest coffees in the world. Coffee was introduced by the Jesuits in 1750 when it was part of the New Spain colony. The cultivation and development of the crops was later developed by former German

emigrants that arrived after 1860. Guatemala produces around 3.5 million kg of big, blueish and bright coffee beans.

Cultivation Areas

The Antigua Pastoral Coffee is grown in the Antigua plateau, southern part of the country, near the capital city of Ciudad de Guatemala. The region is characterized for its microclimate, suitable for growing coffee. The Antigua region is surrounded by active volcanoes like volcán de Fuego, volcán Agua and volcán de Acatenango. The presence of active volcanoes with recent eruptions gives the soil abundant minerals and the presence of pumice stones allows low humidty. Antigua coffee is grown under shadow of native plants that protect the berries from cold nights, and a good amount of sun.