Guatemala Finca La Guadalupe

Guatemala Finca La Guadalupe

#341 | Абрикос | Апельсин | Ожина | Яблуко


Technical Info

Region: Antigua

Farm Name: La Guadalupe

Farm Owner: Dalponte Family

Farm Size: 80 ha

Altitude: 1700 masl

Variety: Bourbon, Catuaí

Certifications: –

Processing: Guatemala traditionally washed and sun dried. Soaked 24 hours

Harvest Period: January/March

Flavour : Cotton candy and blackberries

Acidity: Tartaric acidity

Body: Medium to Good

Cup: Complex and explosive acidity immediately followed by deep complexity of flavors that include cotton candy, red apple, and candied orange. As the cup cools down it presents notes of  blackberries and apricot.

Cupping Score: 86



Finca La Guadalupe is located on a village called Santa Maria de Jesús which is on the Agua Volcano in Antigua Guatemala. It faces the east so it receives the first hours of sunlight in the day, and its later shadowed by the shade of the massive volcano. The lack of sunlight during the afternoon is compensated with the influence of the warm winds coming off the Pacific as the tide turns, creating a unique micro climate that is temperate, cool, and perfect for slow cherry maturation. Coffee is picked and later processed by TG-LAB at Beneficio La Esperanza in Antigua.