Guatemala – La Nueva Montana – Antonio Gonzalez

Guatemala – La Nueva Montana – Antonio Gonzalez


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Guatemala

Регіон: Fraijanes

Середні опади: 2,300 ml

Середні температури: 15 – 22ºC

Різновид: Catuaí

Висота вирощування: 1,550-1,800 masl


Про каву:

Antonio and his wife, Eby Aracely Samayoa, have worked hard to fine-tune their processing practices in order to have the best possible product. Their dedication has helped take their coffee quality to the next level, and the results are in the cup! W H A T D O E S T H E F U T U R E H O L D ? In the future Antonio is interested in developing his agronomic practices. Antonio also wants to provide support to other producers in the region who can’t afford costly farm inputs. He wants to make the supplies accessible and more affordable for producers. THOUGHTS FROM THE PRODUCER “Together we take care of the environment in order to avoid any contaminations. Producing honeys and naturals is a very important way for us to improve our income and the wages for those who work for us. Production of these special coffees also allows us to know our product better,” says Antonio. “We really want to support our children so they are able to study in a university,” Antonio and Eby explain.