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Guatemala Finca La Pila

General Info:​


Trader: Primavera Coffee Importers

Origin: Guatemala

Farm: La Pila

Region: Santa Ana la Montaña, Fraijanes

Varietal: Bourbon, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai, Pache

Processing: Honey

Size of Finca: 2 Hectares

Coffee produced: 1,500 kg (avg. Year)

Elevation: 1700 – 1750 meters

Rainfall: 1,200 – 1,500 ml

Temperature: 10 – 28ºC

Water Supply: Rainwater (only in winter time)

Soil: Loamy clay

Shade Trees: Gravilea

Owner: Rodolfo Garcia and
Reina Isabel Alvares Barrera


Rodolfo and Reina are the proud owners of the La Pila farm. Rodolfo has basically been in coffee for his whole life. When he was young, he used to work on farms as a coffee picker to earn money. And when he was 25 years old, he inherited a plot of land from his father, so that he could start his own farm business.

Little by little he managed to make steps ahead, increase the volume of his coffee, and invest in another plot of land. He names his farm ‘La Pila’, which is a tank for water in this context, as he found a small water source on his farm. He made a small cement tank and decided to use this as a reference for his farm. Water is very scarce and precious in this region.

Rodolfo is very eager to improve the practices on his farm, to keep learning and innovating. He’d like to have a soil analysis done at his farm, so to optimize the root and foliar systems of his plants with adequate nutrition. He also plans to keep investing in the processing area. He came up with a genius system to depulp the coffee with a bicycle! Since 2017 we are working with him on honey and natural processing and are thrilled by the results.