Guatemala Txayalaj Maria Perez Morales

Guatemala Txayalaj Maria Perez Morales



Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Guatemala

Регіон: Huehuetenango

Обробка: Washed, sundried on patio

Ферма: T’xayalaj

Середні опади: 2300 mm

Середні температури: 18 – 26ºC

Різновид: Caturra, catuai, typica

Висота вирощування: 1,660-1,725 masl

Виробник: Maria Perez Morales

Про каву:



Maria and her husband Diego bought this parcel of land 12 years ago and began pursuing co ee as a way to make the farm profi table. When Diego emigrated to fi nd work, Maria became the leader on the farm, which she cared for alongside her kids. As a woman, Maria says she realized how important is to understand and implement good agricultural practices. Under her leadership the farm produced its fi rst lots of specialty co ee this year.

W H A T  D O E S  T H E  F U T U R E  H O L D  ?

Maria’s two children have been involved in the farm and have developed a passion for this work too. She hopes to continue bringing them into the family business.


“Working in co ee has been a good experience. As a woman I have learned to apply all the best agricultural practices on the farm and this year we had the experience of selling quality co ee for the fi rst time. We were fi lled with emotion and pride in this work. Our two children are also involved with co ee and they feel the same love for the land that we do.”