plotcoffee_Honduras Finca El Puente 03 low

Honduras Los Pinares

Про каву:​

Importer: CMG

Trader: Plotcoffee 

Країна: Honduras

Регіон: Masaguara

Різновид: Catuai

Висота: 1 800 – 2 000 masl

Обробка: Washed

Finca Los Pinares, Producer: Reina Morales Aguilar “The farm that I own, is thanks to an inheritance from my father, who gave me an area of land to be able to grow coffee. I had to take out a loan and pay workers to be able to plant the coffee. From a very young age,
I liked to be on the farm. My passion for coffee grew, when my father gave me the land, the first thing I thought was to grow coffee. Nowadays, along with the help of my husband, we have been able maintain an area of 2 hectares. Before my coffee was paid at a low price because local buyers don’t value the quality of my coffee. I’ve always sold it to coyotes in the area, My farm cleans it with machete and azadón twice a year, fertilized it with 12-24-12, nitrate and organic fertilizers for the harvesting process only cuts the grape well ripe then we detach it to remove the green grains we make the float to separate the bad cherry the dry grain or bano , then we grind it the same day and fermentation takes 48 hours after spluring when it gives point we wash it with clean water, drying is done in solar dryer and takes 20 days. We bag it and store it in a clean place, for this whole process 20 people are used. I am very happy to be able to sell my coffee and I wait every year to buy my coffee. With the sale of my coffee I hope I can improve my profit. And build my dryers in the future.”