Kenya Karuhiu Utheri

Kenya Karuhiu Utheri


Про каву:​

Importer: CMG

Trader: Falcon Coffees

Країна: Kenya

Регіон: Karuhiu

Різновид: SL28 & 34

Висота: 1 732 

Обробка: Washed

Karuhiu Farmers Cooperative Society Limited was registered with the Ministry of Cooperative Development
and Marketing on 10thApril 1997. The Society draws its membership from Kanguru, Githathi, Karugiro, Macahaku,
Kinjege, Mutitu lower and Mutitu upper.The total shareholding membership as at September 2017 was 952 but the
active members in coffee production were 650 including women and youth.The wet mill involved in primary
processing of coffee uses the wet method The farmers selectively pick only the red ripe cherry and transport it
by road manually (on human backs) or using light trucks or motorcycles, to the factory on the same day.
At the factory, the cherries are sorted before processing to remove unripe, overripe or diseased cherries
and any foreign materials. The cherries are then put in a hopper and pulped to remove the outer skin.
After pulping, the coffee is fermented to facilitate the breakdown of the mucilage which remains on the
beans after pulping. When the fermentation process is complete (after 12 to 36 hours), the coffee is
washed and graded (based on density). After grading the heavy beans (parchment 1) are soaked in water
for 12 hours, to improve their quality, although this is isn’t always procedure.The parchment is then placed
on skin drying tables (made from timber poles and a wire mesh on the topside) where it stays for about
six hours until the water on the surface is evaporated using solar energy. It is then transferred to the final
drying tables where it is spread in thin layers (3 to 5 cm deep) for further sun drying. In order to
prevent the outer cover from cracking, the parchment is regularly turned to ensure uniform drying until it
obtains the bluish colour. When the parchment has attained the required moisture content (between 10.5%
to 11%), it is removed from the final drying tables and put in conditioning bins where it is turned continuously to ensure uniform conditions during storage.