Ethiopia Mormora

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General info:

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Guji

Location: 1800 – 2000 masl

Owner: Haider Abamecha

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Natural

Harvest: November – February

Shipment: April onwards



Mormora is a 200 hectare farm near the town of Shakiso, located in the Gujii Zone of the Oromia Region in the Sidamo Province. Coffee has been growing wild in these areas for centuries; Ethiopia being the birthplace of coffee and the only producing country where coffee is indigenous. Similarly indigenous are the Colobus monkeys, which you must be careful not get too close to when walking through the estate forest.

The farm is managed by the same owners as Guji Highland, though Mormora is an older plantation and sits at a slightly lower altitiude – ranging from between 1850 and 2100 masl. Coffee is grown organically in beautiful, wild forest conditions, where the soil is fertile and the trees benefit from a mixture of natural shade plants. Mormora farm is also Organic certified (though this particular lot is not), and the land is managed in sections, with the trees undergoing 25 year cycles before being stumped to rejuvenate.

Ripe cherries are hand picked during harvest season, between November and February. They are then delivered to the washing station in Shakiso where they’re graded, sorted, de-pulped and then fermented underwater for between 24 – 48 hours. Parchment is sorted in washing channels, and then placed onto raised African drying tables. The drying period generally lasts for up to 2 weeks, until moisture level reaches 12% or lower.

Mormora won the prestigious ‘National Taste of Harvest Competition’ in 2012 and ranked second in the 2012 ‘Inter Country Taste of Harvest coffee cupping competition arranged by AFCA in February 2012. Mormora also landed 3rd and 4th place in the 2014 ‘National Taste of Harvest Competition’, held in Addis Ababa.