Rwanda Impano

Rwanda Impano


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Rwanda

Регіон: Western Rwanda 

Грунт: Fertile volcanic soil

Середні опади:


Середні температури: 19C

Різновид: Bourbon

Висота вирощування:

1,400-1,900 masl

Harvest Method: 


Flowering period: September – October 

Harvest period: March – June

Process Method: Wet processing 

Drying process: Sun drying 

Fermentation process: wet fermentation Fermentation time (hrs): 8hrs

Про каву:

Impano Coffee is composed of coffee washing stations and 80,000 farmers. The blend exemplifies the balance and flavors of Rwanda’s finest coffees and allows for a consistent product year after year.

Impano Coffee is produced by smallholder coffee farmers, most of whom have fewer than 300 trees. Farmers who sell their cherries to RTC-owned washing stations have access to agronomy training that teaches them how to grow the highest quality coffee and increase their yields.