Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Alexa

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Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Alexa

General Info:​


Trader: Blaser Trading

Origin: Dominican Republic

Location: Ocoa

Estate: Various Estates

Altitude: 800 – 1500 meters

Topography: hllly and mountainous, very small flat areas

Soil type: little deep, loose soil

Temperature: 8 – 35 °C

Particularities: The coffee is carefully selected from mostly small farmers

Botanical species: Arabica

Botanical subspecies: Typica, Caturra, Pacas, Villa Sarchi, Bourbon, Nuvo Mondo

Harvesting method: selective manual harvest

Harvest season: November to May

Export time: from December

Preparation type: fully washed


The nation of the Dominican Republic covers two thirds of the island Hispanola (another third is Haiti). Since 1720 the Dominican Republic is cultivating Arabica Coffees. The most famous regions are Ocoa, Barahona and Cibao.


Degree: from medium to dark roast

Blends: Promises ful body with Ìntense aroma/flavour Due to its mild acidity and intense body at darker roast great in Espresso blends.


Fragrance, Aroma:
spicy| floral | fruity

earthy | spicy | chocolate | floral | nutty | fruity

neutral | mild | berry-like | citrus-like

caramelly | toasty | spicy | woody


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