Guatemala Villaure

General Info:​


Trader: PrimaVera

Origin: Guatemala

Farm: Finca Villaure

Owner: Aurelio Villatoro

Region: Huehuetenango

Town: La Libertad

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra

Processing: Wet Milling and sun dried on patios

Size of Finca: 30 Hectares

Coffee produced: 50,399 (avg. Year)

Altitude: 1415 – 1850 masl

Rainfall: 1800 ml

Temperature: 18 – 22ºC

Water supply: Natural spring water

Soil: Limestone and clay

Shade Trees: Ingas, Gravileas and native trees


In 1986, with the support from his family and the success of Finca La Esperanza, Aurelio was able to purchase his own farm, Finca Villaure in Huehuetenango. Aurelio is a mechanic by training and with much coffee experience as he has helped his father Don  leodoro in the farm for many years.

The whole Villatoro family, (and we mean over 40 of them!) work together, supporting each other in the cultivation, picking and post harvest processing. They share 2 wet mills and a few patios
where they dry the coffees.

Don Eleodoro installed very good ideals and culture in his family, where everyone understands the importance of each step along the chain in order to producer this award winning coffee. It has been due to heir passion and hard work that have earned them the top 10 positions in Cup of Excellence for many years.