Brazil Capim Branco

General Info:​


Trader: Tomas Stehl

Producer: Capim Branco & Sao Silvestre

Origin: Brazil

Town / City: Carmo do Paranaiba

Region: Cerrado Mineiro

Varietals: Yellow Catuaí

Altitude: 1150 meters

Processing: Natural and dried on Patios

Brother´s name: Eduardo Andrade

Meaning of Capim Branco: White Grass – Due to the blossoming time all trees are white

Acreage: 300 hectares

Number of trees: 1.5 million

Harvest time: End of May – August

Number of workers during harvest: 25.


Capim Branco is one of the oldest Estate Coffees in Brazil, dating back to 1901. It did take a long way to stand were we are.

When we talk about family business it involves more than a 115 years on the fields growing a coffee lineage and keeping our traditions. Capim Branco is famous for its specialty coffees; the Farm is located near Carmo do Paranaiba, Minas Gerais.

The Terroir is perfect and the landscapes are breathtaking. Our Family history is inspiring and makes want to grow further in quality, as they did back in time.