Brazil Fazenda Pantano


Importer: CMG

Trader: Volcafe

Origin: Brazil

Region: Coromandel, Alto Paranaíba, Minas Geiras

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Altitude: 1200

Processing: Natural

Av.temperature: 22°C

Farm: Fazenda Pântano

Producer: Wagner Ferrero 

Farm size: 795 ha

Про каву:

Born in 1956 in the city of Altinopolis, in the middle of the Mogiana region, Wagner Ferrero carries passion for coffee in his blood. Grandson of Italian immigrants who arrived to Brazil in 1912 to work on coffee plantations, Wagner today is one of the largest specialty coffee producers in Brazil, with more than 550 hectares of coffee plantations.

Fazenda Pântano is located in the city of Coromandel, between Patrocínio and Patos de Minas in the Cerrado region. Mr Wagner hast split his farm into plots of one hectares. Each plot is careful- ly tracked an analysed: soil composition, water needs, amount of rain, retention of water in the soil, evaporation data… In addition, Fazenda Pântano has over 200 varietals, most of which are in ex- perimental production, and is working closely with the Brazilian Coffee Research Institute to experiment with processing and fla- vour. But precision technology-based agriculture is not the only remarkable point of Fazenda Pântano. Mr Wagner has also imple- mented sustainable practices, like honey-based pesticides or waste reduction, and is very engaged in its community. The farm supports a local school, funds various training schemes for its staff and pro- vide full health care.