Colombia Jose Amir Garzón

Colombia Jose Amir Garzón


Importer: CMG

Trader: Caravela

Країна: Colombia

TTРегіон: Tolima

Виробник:  Jose Amir Garzon Olaya

Висота: 1800
Збір врожаю: перший квітень – травень, другий – жовтень – листопад

Про каву:

When José Amir was young, he remembers that his father would leave the house every day, very early in the morning, before the sunrise, to work. His father used to work as a picker on coffee farms all over the region, going from farm to farm, following the harvest peaks. He eventually managed to save enough money for the family to purchase their own piece of land, to start their own farm. At this time, José Amir was around 15 years old and together with his brothers, he started helping his parents with the farm activities. It was at around this time that José Amir started learning all about coffee production.

After 30 years of being involved with coffee production, there have been many changes in José Amir’s life. First, the price that he receives for his coffee has increased due to the improvement of quality he has made. José Amir has learned to take care of the environment, and he has been able to improve his infrastructure thanks to the quality premiums that he has received.

During this process, José has learned that to produce high-quality coffee, you must dedicate lots of time, care, and love. Thanks to specialty coffee, José Amir lives better, he and his family have a good quality of life and the farm has proven to be the fruit of their hard work!