Brazil Ipanema Conquista Yellow Arara

Brazil Ipanema Conquista Yellow Arara


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Бразилія

Ферма: Conquista Farm

Різновид: Yellow Arara

Висота вирощування: 850 – 900 meters

Обробка: Pulped Natural

Процес сушіння: Conventional Patio and Horizontal Dryers

Виробник: Ipanema

Про каву:

This Pulped Natural coffee is made exclusively form ripe cherries, they are sent into the
washers to separated by density in water from the overripe ones , after this process,
the immature and cherry beans are separated inside the pulpers by removing the pulp,
and thus separating the ripe cherries form the immature ones.


Conquista Farm is located on a flat topography and features one of the world’s most modern processing infrastructures, including warehouses and a complete container loading structure. Its high productivity is achieved by applying a mechanical system and using 1500 of its 2000 hectares to produce coffee adopting a highly efficient and sustainable drip irrigation system.


Surrounded by the Furnas Lake, the farm is a place of exuberant flora and fauna, set around our Guest House, the Head Office and the milling facilities.


The farm is located in a metamorphic rock region, covered mostly by clay soil that features a high water retention capacity, as well as being rich in decomposed minerals. Its mild subtropical climate is ideal for uniform bean maturation, with regular rainfall at around 1370mm per year and average temperatures of 25C.


Several coffee varieties are grown at the Conquista Farm, including Acaia, Yellow Catuai, Yellow Topazio, Red Rubi and Mundo Novo.