Brazil Nossa Senhora das Gracas

Brazil Nossa Senhora das Gracas


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Brazil

РегіонAlta Mogiana


ФермаNossa Senhora das Gracas

Середні опади1800 mm

Середні температури21 Celsius

РізновидCatucai 2SL

Висота вирощування: 1275 masl

Збір врожаюручний

Період цвітінняsep – nov

Період збору врожаюjun – sep

Процес обробки:  Natural Anaerobic Fermentation in barrel with yeast (Nucoffee) 

Fermentation time: 60 h

Процесс сушінняAfrican Beds

ФермерElvis Faleiros/ Lais Peixoto

Про каву:

Nestled in the highlands of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, at an altitude of 4,200 feet, this is where “Fazenda Nossa Senhora das Graças” is located.

This is the name bestowed bestowed upon the Peixoto family coffee farm and a tribute to our matriarch Mrs. Maria das Graças Peixoto. Originally known as Fazenda Boa Vista*, which literally means Good View Farm® representing exactly the spectacular view of Rio Grande River valley and further north the majestic Serra da Canastra.

A region with fertile soil and a favorable climate for the cultivation of specialty coffees. a truly magical and astonishing place. On our farm, exuberant green rows of meticulously planted and carefully managed coffee trees join large patches of a mix of shady subtropical and Atlantic forests that receive a cool breeze from the Rio Grande River valley.


” When people think of coffee beans. the image that probably comes to mind is the roasted or even powdered bean already packed and ready to be consumed, however, specialty coffee beans are much more than that. The end-to-end process of producing specialty coffees is similar to the production of fine wines. As with winemaking, the cultivation and processing of specialty coffees starts with selected, high-quality fruits. Like grapes. their flavor profiles are strongly influenced by their variety and growing and handling conditions.

Altitude, soil, water. sunlight exposure and temperature all play a critical role in shaping the complex chemical composition of each developing coffee bean.

At “Fazenda Nossa Senhora das Graças” there are more than 18 distinct coffee plots, which range in size from 2 to 35 hectares, and each supports coffee trees of a specific variety that grows in its own unique microclimate. Even adjacent plots of the same variety can yield coffees with a remarkably different flavor profile due to the impact of these subtle differences in growing conditions.

Not only seen as unique fascinating attributes but they are actively pursued.