Colombia Finca El Botón

Colombia Finca El Botón

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Hacienda El Botón is a single estate coffee farm of 200 hectars size operated by the Herrán family for three generations now. Since 1931 the Hacienda has been planting coffee from the rare Maragogype variety. This is an exotic arabica variety with large trees which produce a big bean that can be up to screen 20. The quality of the bean can be easily identified: exquisite aroma, a balanced cup and an excellent roast.

Hacienda El Botón lies in a very special ecosystem, located at 1350 m above sea level with an annual precipitation of 2400 mm. Humidity and soil conditions are excellent and produce one of the best Maragogype beans available. The traditional shade growth production applied at El Botón produces less coffee per hectar, but the shade provides optimal humidity and temperature conditions for the growing coffee cherries. Only the ripe coffee cherries are handpicked from the branches and carefully dried and selected afterwards.

The Hacienda is conscious of the biodiversity and ecosystem. Over 8 shading tree species are a source of oxygen and host insects and birds, one of the reasons why the farm is Rainforest certified. It operates an own coffee tree nursery to guarantee 100 % El Botón Maragogype seeds. The harvesting season of their older fellows starts in September and lasts until January. The cherries are pulped in the farm owned wet mill. Afterwards the coffee starts a fermentation process and is then washed, classified and dried in an automatic machine in order to achieve a homogeneous  umidity without uncontrolled fermentation.