Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Colombia

Регіон: Guayatá, Boyacá

Різновид: Castillo, Colombia and Typica

Висота вирощування: 1 200 masl

Збір врожаю: October – January

Обробка: fully-washed, sun-dried

Виробник: National Agricultural Operations Cooperative

Про каву:

The Blossom is sourced as a regional lot and convinces with its intense floral and fruity notes. The cup profile is rounded off with a heavy body and a crisp citric acidy. This year the coffee comes from Guayatá, a municipalty in the Boyacá departement. It was prodiced by various smallholders part of the National Agricultural Operations Cooperative.

Colombia is famous for the different profiles that its 20 coffee-growing departments (out of a total 32) express in the cup, but even within growing regions there are plentiful variations due to the microclimates created by mountainous terrain, wind patterns, proximity to the Equator, as well as differences in varieties and processing tech- niques. Colombia unfurls majestically across the northwestern corner of South America, with seaports in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and the Andes crossing from south to north. The

country has a wide variety of environmental conditions and climates, from deserts to glaciers, with the bio-diversity to match. Coffee is synonymous with Colombia. The history of the nation and the commodity have been intertwined even before the first major production boom in the 1870s. Around 550,000 Colombian families live off coffee. Production in Colombia is predominantly in the hands of small holders who process their own crops. Approximately 60% of the nation‘s production comes from farms under 5 hectares in size.