Colombia Fincas Tarso

Colombia Fincas Tarso


Lying on the western slope of the western andes cordillera is Tarso, a town in the department of Antioquia, 95 Kilometers southwest of Medellin.

In this region the Botero`s family have been growing coffee for 2 generations. For colombian standards they are medium size producers, with almost 200 hectares planted with coffee, all at around 1450 to 1800 meters above sea level. The entire volume of cherries is processed in a central wet mill, allowing for a very homogeneous quality. We have sampled and cupped the coffee and found it to have a balanced cup, with very good body, medium high acidity and even a slight “chocolate” after taste. Obviusly the most interesting point beyond the cup, is the large, homogeneous volume of coffee that can be sourced here. The crop cycle in Tarso is approx 80% from Oct to Jan, and 20% from April to June.

The 3 farms we are talking about are ….

Finca Damasco … 117 hectares … annual production around 3.000 bags. Altitude 1.450 – 1.700 meters.

Finca Santa Ana … 30 hectares … annual production around 700 bags. Altitude 1.500 – 1800 meters.

Finca Cajones … 33 hectares … annual production around 700 bags. Altitude 1.500 – 1.800 meters.