Colombia La Colombia


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Colombia

Регіон: Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia

Станція митої обробки:

Станція сухої обробки:

Ферма: La Colombia

Різновид: Geisha

Висота вирощування: 1400 – 2050

Обробка: Honey

Виробник: Vasquesz Family

Про каву:

Finca La Colombia is part of the Cafe Lumbus family who own and run 5 medium to large farms in and around Ciudad Bolivar located in the Antioquia. They are focused on producing specialty and high end coffees from this region with attention to all aspects of including the environment and social aspects of their business.

The farm in total is 130 has but only 65 Ha are used for coffee production. 30ha are woodland and another 40 Ha at the top of the farm protected nature reserve for the native species and water source. There are 120 families who depend on this water source from the reserve. The farm is fertilised with organic compounds as the main source of amino acids, to increase the productivity and quality of crops. They also implement the planting of leguminous crops by he coffees trees to help fix nitrogen in the soil.

On the farm they plan the varieties Caturra, Castillo, Maragogype, Gesha, Bourbon Rosado,
Bourbon Cidra, Papayo. As well as having an exotic nursery they are also experimenting with different processing methods from washed through to carbonic maceration.

This lot is a gesha that comes from the Lot “Optimismo” where there are 8000 trees in production. The coffee is specifically hand selected before then being taken down to the farm hacienda where it goes through a second additional picking phase by a specialist team of local women. Then the coffees is taken to raised African beds where it is dried for 15 – 20 days at a temperature of 35c until the moisture reaches 11%.