Colombia Tamana


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Colombia

Регіон: Huila

Altitude: 1750 masl
Temperature: 22 °C
Annual rainfall: 1200 mm
Drying: Parabolic beds and patios with shade about 25 to 30 days
Botanic cultivars: Castillo Colombia
Soil characteristics: Volcanic ashes
Wet milling process: Natural 48 hours anaerobic fermentation

Про каву:

The single estate is located in a small village called El Vegón that is part of El Pital municipality in Huila department at the south-western part of Colombia between Central and East Andes mountain ranges.

The farm is a family business in the head of Mr. Elías Roa who lives there with his wife. They have 3 children that are currently studying in Neiva (the capital city of Huila) and Bogotá (the capital of Colombia), and they are all somehow involved with the business because of their passion for coffee.

The farm has 30 Has. with coffee crops where they grow different varieties. The wet milling process is traditional and mechanic depending on the quantities and if whether they are at the peak of the main crop. Most of their lots are washed but they produce custom made naturals and honeys.