Colombia Monteverde Wush Wush

Colombia Monteverde Wush Wush


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Colombia

Регіон: Tolima

Altitude: 1850 – 2000 masl

Temperature: 18 °C

Annual Rainfall: 1500 mm

Process: Natural

Botanic Cultvars: Wush Wush

Soil characteristics: Loam – Sandy

Про каву:

About Monteverde
The Monteverde farm belongs to the Gutiérrez family and in which they have cultivated coffee for more than 70 years. The farm is in a small village called Las Mercedes that is part of the municipality of Rioblanco in the department of Tolima, in the foothills of the Central and Eastern mountain ranges of the Andes.


Currently the farm is run by Newerley and his two brothers, who are the
fourth generation of coffee growers in their family. They are young entrepreneurs, professional tasters, dedicated to the farm for more than 8 years, with one goal in mind: Produce exotic coffees, full of flavor and
aromatic complexity. This dream was born as a result of his visits to successful coffee farms like La Esmeralda de Panamá.


The farm has 14 hectares of coffee, where they grow exotic varieties such as: Tabi, Red and Yellow Bourbon, Gesha, Wush Wush and Moka.

In addition to producing excellent coffees, these brothers believe in
environmentally friendly practices.


About Wush Wush

Monteverde Farm uses a combination of advanced and artisanal cultivation and processing techniques, employing old-world controlled fermentation methods that last up to 36 hours and give time for the bean’s integral sugars to develop and mature. Wush Wush is a natural process varietal whose namesake is a region in Southern Ethiopia that is one of the ancestral birthplaces of Arabica coffee.


One of only a handful of known cultivators in Colombia to possess a Wush Wush cultivar, producer Gildardo Gutierrez is one of the country’s most technically proficient coffee farmers, operating a 15- hectare farm in southern Tolima by the name of Monteverde Farm. The farm, which has been in the Gutierrez family for almost a century, grows any number of rare varietals, but Wush Wush, with its strong floral and tropical fruit flavors and aromas, is among the rarest for Colombian standards.


About Process

Sun-dried with canopies for two weeks and silo temperature control, 140 hours fermentation natural.


The fermented cherries are then sundried for 18 days but making sure that the temperature does not exceed the 38°C and until a 15% of moisture content. To end the drying step, they take the cherries to a silo with control of temperature until the coffee reaches 11% of moisture content.