Costa Rica Monte Carmela


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Costa Rica

Регіон: Brunca

Кооператив: Cooperatives and Private Mills

from Brunca Region

Різновид: Mainly caturra, catuaí and obata.

Висота вирощування: 800 to 1,500 meters

Період збору врожаю: September through January

Обробка: Washed, Drum Drying


Про каву:

At the southern part of Costa Rica we can find the Brunca Region, this is a region famous for its dense tropical rainforest and ancient indigenous tribes. The main two subregions are Coto Brus and Pérez Zeledón. The Brunca region is well known for the high humidity and strong heat during the dry season. The ripeness of the cherries is one of the
earliest and extended compared to the other zones.

The beans produced in this region are bigger compared to the other regions, with good aroma. The cup profile is delicate, with medium acidity, strong dense body, sugar cane like sweetness and clean aftertaste.