El Salvador La Majada


Імпортер: CMG


Країна: El Salvador

Регіон: San José de La Majada, Los

Naranjos, Sonsonate

Різновид: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon,


Період збору врожаю: October – March

Обробка: fully-washed

Виробник: Sociedad Cooperativa de

Cafetaleros de San Jose La

Majada de R.L.

Про каву:

A still active volcano in the west of the country, Ilamatepec does not only provide a rich and fertile soil, but also a microclimate with dry winters and warm summer in a country dominated with tropical weather. Not surprising that coffee has been widely
cultivated as early as the 19th century and fueled the Salvadorian economy for years. The Sociedad Cooperativa de Cafetaleros de San José La Majada de R.L.) has been funded in 1967 in Los Naranjos, in the Son- sonate department. The cooperative was created to support coffee farmers from the area better overcome the risks of coffee farming – like poor harvest or pest disease – and their financial consequences. Over the years, the cooperation between members as well as a strong educational support helped building the trust of the farmers
and extend the reach of the coop.
On the western slopes of Santa Ana, the now 600 members grow coffee under shade trees and deliver the ripe cherries to the cooperative to be processed.