Peru Efrain Carhuallocllo

Peru Efrain Carhuallocllo

General Info:​


Trader: Collaborative Coffee Source

Origin: Peru

Region: Cajamarca

Farm Name: El Cerro (1997)

Farm Size: 5,25 Ha, 4 Ha Dedicated to coffee

Altitude: 1900 masl

Soil Type: Clay Loam

Variety: Yellow Caturra

Process: Fully washed (22 hours of dry fermentation)

Drying Notes: 10-15 days, shade dried

Harvest Period: June – November

Harvest Peak: August

Average Annual Production: 4530kg parchment

Average Production per Tree: 1kg parchment

Other Crops Grown: Cassava, Corn, Beans, Plantains, For Family’s Consumption

Number of People Employed at Farm: 3 permament staff pickers’ wage: 45 sol per day, or 35 sol per day with meals


Farmer’s Spouse: Maria Arevalo Vasquez

Farmer’s Year of Birth: 1974

Children’s Names:
Yulisa Esther Carhuallocllo, 1999
Yoany Carhuallocllo, 2003
Rosy Carhuallocllo, 2000
Yesica Carhuallocllo
Edwin Royer Carhuallocllo, 2012

About the farmer:

Efrain is a second generation farmer and began working his farm in 1997.

What are you most proud of?
I am proud of my family and that I can provide for them with coffee. I am also proud of the quality of my coffee, it requires a lot of work and care.

What are your plans for the future?
I want to plant new varieties and continually improve the cup score of my coffee. I also plan to invest in new dryers, in the education of my children, and buy a truck so I can transport my coffee more easily.

About origin coffee lab:

Peru has been on the CCS radar from the beginning. Since 2012, when CCS first started, we have been searching and researching, and delicious coffees were to be found. However, there were always a couple of links missing.

There hasn’t been a tradition of handling micro-lots transparently, and the cooperative trading model that is supposed to work in the farmers’ interest and for a common good, wasn’t, so it had to be worked around.

Before we add any new region or country to our offering, we need to find the right partner on the ground, one who can introduce us to dedicated individuals, families and their communities, people with whom we can collaborate and positively impact, together and for the long term. When we finally met the team at Origin Coffee Lab (OCL) based in Jaen, we realized that we could achieve our goals of finding outstanding coffee from the Cajamarca region of Northern Peru.

OCL was established last year by Alex Julca, and José Rivera, aka Pepe. Alex is the son of coffee farmers and a seasoned cupper. He has many years of experience in coffee, working for one of the largest cooperatives in the region. Pepe is the son of a coffee exporter and he grew up with a dry mill as his playground. He brings roasting experience to the team, having worked for several renowned roasteries in the US.

Most importantly, Cajamarca is Alex and Pepe’s home turf, and they are striving to help their farming peers find a market for specialty coffee abroad. CCS is lucky to have met these fine people; professionals that have the highest ambitions on behalf of their community. So do we.