El Salvador Las Nubes

El Salvador Las Nubes

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Technical info

Location: Cantón Los Arenales, department of Sonsonate, downhill Santa Ana volcano, border with the National Park Los Volcanes and Cerro Verde.

Co-operative society: The coffee mill is located in Chalchuapa, Department of Santa Ana.

Altitude: 1675 masl

Nearest town: Sonsonate

Soil: Rich Volcanic clay-sandy soil

Coffee VarietyBourbon , Caturra, Pacamara

Flowering season: Between May and June

Harvesting Time: Between January and April

Fermentation Process: 8 hour natural fermentation with clean well water

Drying method: Washed. Clay patio sun dried, African beds

Cherry Production: About 700 tonnes per year ( 1,800 bags of 69kg green coffee )

Growing area: Mountain grow at high altitude

Certification: Organic, Rainforest



Considered one of the best farms in El Salvador, is located in the base of Santa Ana Volcano, which in 2006 has an eruption. The eruption threw a great amount of ashes that were transformed into natural fertilizer. The ashes are highly acid and combined with any other fertilizer might create an intoxication to the plant and kill it. Since the eruption 8 years ago, the farm is being worked and certified 100% organic. Also for its social and environmental conditions it’s been certified as Rainforest.