El Salvador Palin Estate

El Salvador Palin Estate

Technical info

Origin: El Salvador




Varieties: Bourbon & Pacas

Process: Honey

Altitude: 1000 masl



Carolina Padilla is a 3rd Generation small coffee producer. Grew up going to the farm with her father and some of her memories are coffee memories.

She worked at The Salvadorian Coffee Council for about 5 years in the marketing department where she was introduced to coffee in a whole new different level. She learnt to cup and about quality.
3 years ago her father passed away and she had to take charge of the farms which have been abandoned for almost 5 years due to her fathers illness.

Little by little she has been trying to make it a productive farm. Striving for better quality every year and learning about different processes. She has come to love being a coffee producer, so it is really exciting when you come across someone who can appreciate her work. She hopes to find stable buyers and grow a quality based coffee relationship, that can lead to better coffee.


The Farm:

Palin Estate Coffee Farm is located in a small town called Tacuba, in Ahuachapan in the Western side of El Salvador bordering with Guatemala. The farm is about 950 mts above sea level and is planted mostly with Bourbon and some Pacas.

It produces roughly about 50-100 bags (volume was lower due to the coffee rust). Last year she visited The Mierisch in Nicaragua to learn about processes and the end of the result of her first attempt: a small lot (about 8-10 bags) of Red Honey Process.