Ethiopia Konga

General Info:​


Trader: The Coffee Quest

Exporter: BNT Industry And Trading PLC

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: South Nation Nationality People (SNNP)

Zone : Gediyo

District : Yirgacheffe

Kebele: Konga

Number of producers/growers: 800
Altitude: 1800-2000 masl

Soil type: Fertile, red brown, well drainage, & 1.5m depth

Flowering Period: Jan-Feb

Harvest Period: Oct-Jan

Process: Fully washed

Sun Exposure: Shade grown

Average rainfall: 1800-2000mm

Average annual temperatures: 20-25C°

Miller Name: Konga washing station

Supplier’s Name: Abiyot Ageze

Varietal: Heirloom


Drying Method & Fermentation

Length of Fermentation for washed coffee 36 to 48 hours (depending on the weather).

For washed process: Dried in the sun on so called „African drying beds“for approx. 12-15 days. In the daytime the cherries need to be raked permanently in order to ensure a consistent drying process. In the day time , it will be coved from 12 to 3pm in order to protect hot sun, as well as, when the night comes, the beds are carefully covered to protect it from rain fall.