Ethiopia Raro Uraga Black #1
Raro Black #1 3

Ethiopia Raro Uraga Black #1


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Colombia

Регіон: Guji, Uraga

Грунт: Rich and fertile red soil

Різновид: Wolisho, Dega

Висота вирощування: 1950 – 2000

Спосіб збору врожаю: Cherries are collected manually and hand sorted later

Обробка: Natural

Процес сушіння:

Coffee is then piled up in layers which are 2cm in height and dried over a 10 day period then followed by hand sorting for 2-4 hours


Про каву:

We are very familiar with coffees from this washing station, with however the processing of this lot is something quite different. The cherries are sorted and floated in water to remove the floaters. The denser cherries are wrapped in black plastic for 72 hours. During this period the black plastic is opened once a day and the cherries are raked for even exposure to air. After this period of fermentation the cherries are taken to raised drying beds for drying.

There are 430 farmers that deliver cherry to the Urago Raro washing station. The site has sun exposure the whole day and is located on a small hill that gets hit by cold winds. We have only seen the coffees from here get better and better over the years we have been working with them.

Origin: Uraga Raro

Uraga Raro is a washing station located in Guji which buys cherries from around 430 neighbouring farmers. Uraga Raro is owned by SNAP COFFEE exporters. The farms that supply cherries to this washing station have high yields as the soil is quite fertile and farming methods are to a very high standard.