Ethiopia Bildimoo Gedeb #2

Ethiopia Bildimoo Gedeb #2


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Ethiopia

Регіон: Gedeo, Gedeb

Різновид: Kurume, Wolisho

Обробка: Natural

Про каву:

This coffee has delicate florals and stone fruit with great acidity.

This is a coffee and a producer we have been working with since 2019. Previously we named the coffee after the producer, Mekuria Merga. We met with Mekuria in the December of 2018 and sat down to discuss his operational strategy over a traditionally prepared cup of coffee. At that time due to high prices, long rains, and lower overall yields, he was deciding to focus on higher quality coffees and to prepare his coffees as grade 1 coffees.

Mekuria processed a limited number of containers of both washed and naturals from his stations, and wanted to find a partner that would be able to distribute his coffees around the world. Mekuria’s Hambela Wamena coffee proved to be on of Nordic Approaches best coffees, hence it made sense to continue to strengthen the relationship by committing to buy these coffees.