Ethiopia Daye Bensa Shantewene

Ethiopia Daye Bensa Shantewene


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Ethiopia

Регіон: Sidama/ Bensa / Shantawene Village

Станція митої обробки: : Shantawene Gafisse Station

Середні опади: 1599 – 1799 mm

Різновид: 74158

Висота вирощування: 1990 – 2190 Meters

Виробник: Asefa Dukamo Korma

Про каву:

We have been working with producers from Shantawene since 2015. Shantawene village is situated between the village of Bombe and the Bombe mountain. The producers are part of a member organization consisting of 1500 out-growers located in various parts of the mountain range.​

Daye Bensa is a coffee export company, founded by the brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo, in 2006.

Asefa and Mulugeta started out as coffee suppliers in the Sidama area with lots of experience. The younglings of the family, Kenean and Eliyas, also later joined the company as Daye Bensa started to grow. Now the company is with gentlemen like Kenean, schooled in the USA work in commerce and finance, and Eliyas on Quality. This high spirited family company supplies us now for the fourth year, and we are still planning on future collaborations.

Washing stations:

The company works with various communities of outgrowers from whom they receive cherries. Daye Bensa works with multiple washing station in Sidama Bensa area, most of which are still left for us to explore. Shantewene, Keramo and Bombe were among the first stations that we worked with.

Shantawene cherries are processed at Shantawene Gafisse Washing Station situated at the centre of Daye Bensa’s world of amazing coffee. The station is one of the location from which Daye Bensa spread knowledge of better processing techniques around their network. Shantawene station is also the site on which the 2020 #7 Cup of Excellence coffee was processed, its cherry production is on the nearby Gatta speciality farm. 

The cherry delivered there grows between 1990 and 2190 meter above sea level. The beans are very dense, with heavy concentrations of the smaller screen sizes (the majority of the coffee screen sizes at 13-14). This reflects slow maturation at higher altitudes.

The washed Shantawene is traditionally wet fermented during 36 to 72 hours, and then dried on African beds with clean plastic mesh and sheet, for about 9 to 12 days to around 10% moisture. during high sun, the beds are covered to prevent over drying.