Honduras Guascololo

#449 | Молочний шоколад | Білий виноград | Солодкий  | Оцінка 87,5


General info:

Region: Intibuca > Masaguara

Finca: Guascololo

Altitude: 1650 masl

Origin type: Cooperation


ProcessingFully washed



Origin: Intibuca
This is part of a completely new range of coffees from us. We are working through a guy on the ground that are contributing to quality development in the Masaguara, Intibuca region.It’s a region he’s explored for 3 years with great succes. We have found exceptional coffee of small growers with an average production of 20 to 50 bags. There is about 250 growers in the program, but we are currently just buying from a handfull. Each grower has it’s own small mill and african beds for optimal drying ( of 12 to 22 days), and they have made loads of improvements of processing since the project started. All lots are separated by cultivar. This region is special and ample. And it’s needed to bring more importers and roaster closer to the producers.

From 2017 we decided to step up and have taken on a new project and slowly increase volumes. The coffees from Honduras can be so amazing when they are from the right places and are processed well. In our opinion they often have more complexity, depth and richness than most other Central American coffees.

Many of the buyers in Honduras are focused in and around Santa Barbara. We figured that if we are going to do something new in Honduras we should do a different range of coffees from another area. And find producers with great potential that need help to build a market for their products. Hopefully we can contribute to product development, higher premiums and build something over time.

We have initited a partnership with a group of growers in Intibuca. These producers are smaller with 3-8 hectares each, and they all have their own micro mill. They are supported by a guy, called Rony, that are helping them on quality control and better preparation as well as better yields. We came across these producers and the region through him. When we got the first samples we were overwhelmingly surprised by the flavor profiles and potential. These coffees are introduced now in 2017 for the first time ever.

Intibuca is a completely new thing for us that we would have to dig in to the next few years. We have some insight in how they work and a good overview of their standards, but have a lot to learn. This regions and the producers are not yet well known We will try to developed the products and the market together. Historically we have always paid good premiums for the coffees and have been all transparent about it. In return the producers have been very committed to invest in quality development. We hope to get roasters visiting them during the next years to be developing their own relation with these farmers, and also potentially also curate their own range of products. We believe sharing information both ways will contribute to better coffees and a higher price acceptance at consumer level. Eventually this can lead to a more sustainable price level for the farmers and higher salaries and better working conditions for the workers and families.