Guatemala EL Zapote GEISHA

Guatemala EL Zapote GEISHA

General Info:​


Trader: PrimaVera

Origin: Guatemala

Farm: El Zapote

Owner: Julio Roberto Melendez

Perez and Christel

Schleehauf de Meléndez

Region: Acatenango

Varietal: Gesha

Harvest period: November – March

Processing: Wet Milling and sun dried on patios

Size of Finca: 52 Hectares

Altitude: 1400 – 1550 masl

Rainfall: 1300 – 1800 ml

Temperature: 12 – 27ºC

Water supply: Natural spring water / rain water

Soil: Loamy Clay

Shade Trees: Gravilea, Ingas, and native trees


The name ‘El Zapote’ was given to the farm as there were many Zapote trees (local fruit trees) in the area. Julio and Christel are the 4th generation of producers of this farm. Originally, before converting to a coffee farm, the land was used for cattle and sugar cane production.

All processing and quality control is closely monitored at the farm, with great care for the environment. The family is looking for ways to process more efficiently save more on energy and water in the future.