Guatemala Huehuetenango Juana Jimenez

Guatemala Huehuetenango Juana Jimenez


Імпортер: CMG

Країна: Guatemala

Регіон: Huehuetenango

Ферма: La Esperanza

Середні опади: 2,300 masl

Середні температури: 10 – 25ºC

Різновид: Caturra, Catuai, Pache, Bourbon

Висота вирощування: 1600-1,650 masl

Обробка: Washed, sundried on patio

Про каву:

This co ee from Juana Jimenez Vargas was picked in total in four passes around the farm to be able to always pick the ripest cherries to ensure the quality of this co ee. This co ee was pulped in the same day and fermented for 48 hours. After the co ee was washed and kept in water for further 12 hours to ensure high sweetness and clean mouthfeel. The co ee was sundried on a patio for six days. “About 50 years ago the economic situation in Guatemala was di cult and me and my wife hoped to make our lives better through this land and co ee farming. Hence the name, La Esperanza” (means “hope” in English), Juana explains. Juana started with 50 plants and a nursery and used to sell their co ee to the local market. After a while Juana joined to Cooperative El Sendero which provides education and support for co ee farmers. Now we are happy to bring Juana’s co ee to European market.

W H A T  D O E S  T H E  FUTURE  H O L D ?

Juana is interested in increasing the capacity of La Esperanza and improving the farming practices to ensure the quality also in the future.

T H O U G H T S F R O M T H E P R O D U C E R:

“From the moment we started planting the first co ee plants we felt the passion to work with co ee and respect the nature. Today thanks for the co ee production we are able to provide our childen their education and support the entire family”, Juana tells.