Honduras Buenos Aires


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Країна: Colombia



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An Honduran legend says that Comayagua is the birthplace of coffee in Honduras. The area would be well-suited for it: high altitude, fertile soil and a humid tropical climate. But this climate is also a challenge when it comes to processing the cherries, as the high rainfalls make it difficult to dry the beans properly.

Coffee is one of the most important economic activities of Comayagua and the main driver of its economical development. Small producers scatter the landscape, and while Comayagua is not the densest area of coffee trees, the producers have some of the most productive farms in the country.

Our Buenos Aires lot comes from thirty producers from the Buenos Aires de Santa Maria municipality. Originally a hamlet that belonged to El Socorro, they reached independence a few years ago. the inhabitants – 30 families – used to grow vegetables but decided to switch to coffee about six years ago. While the switch was risky and meant reduced income for the first few years, they were convinced that coffee would benefit the entire community. Supported by our sister company in Honduras, Molinos de Honduras, the producers sell their harvest (already washed and sun-dried) at better financial conditions than vegetables. Their partnership with Molinos also includes some training as well as financial support like pre-payment or quality premium.