Honduras El Aguacate by Magdaleno Rodriguez

Honduras El Aguacate by Magdaleno Rodriguez


Про каву:​

Importer: CMG

Trader: Nordic Approach

Країна: Honduras

Регіон: Masaguara, Intibuca

Різновид: Catuai

Висота: 1 700

Обробка: Washed

El Aguacate by Magdaleno Rodriguez

Magdaleno Rodriguez is a smallholder coffee producer from the community of Pozo Negro, Masaguara, Intibuca. He has always lived in the area and began growing coffee ten years ago on his farm of 12 hectares. He saved the money to buy his farm by working for other farmers. Now he works in construction building houses, and what he earns from this activity he reinvests in his farm, buying more land and improving the area under cultivation.

His farm is called El Aguacate and it is located in the Montecillos region. Of his 12 hectares, 8.5 is dedicated to coffee production. Previously Magdaleno sold the coffee to a local buyer, but after meeting with Rony Gamez he decided to experiment with specialty processing. His first carefully picked and processed lots were a great success, so Magdaleno invested money in a solar dryer, in paying pickers for better selection, and in his warehouse space, to keep the coffee free of contaminants.

Magdaleno is very proud to know his coffee is sold to international buyers. “I am happy and committed to continue improving the quality of my coffee the best way possible,” Magdaleno said.