Honduras Blend Specialty Coffee Program

Honduras Blend Specialty Coffee Program

#275 | Карамель | Шоколад | Горіх


Technical info


HARVEST: January – July

REGION: Santa Bárbara, Comayagua, Lempira, Copán, Ocotepeque

WET MILL PROCESS: Washed, Semi- washed

DRYING PROCEDURE: Patios, Elevated beds



This is for many newcomers the best option to indulge their curiosity. The Signature Blend coffee from our Specialty Program is a significant departure from conventional supply, not only because the intensity of its attributes comes directly from the effort of farmers trained to produce microlots, but also because its vision since the beginning has been to create a price competitive coffee produced in larger volumes traded in the most demanding markets. Our Signature Blend has been carefully hand selected from different Arabica varieties and harvested at high altitude farms in complex microclimates, resulting in a well-balanced cup with bright acidity, citrus, full-bodied robustness, consistent, and pleasant aftertaste. Each region has a different cup profile which plays an essential role in the flavor identification, furthermore, the extension of controlled characteristics to all of five regions has also been found to bring a greater diversification which is evident in the persistent interest shown by most of our coffee buyers. This is actually one of the best combinations of price and quality you can find in our specialties.